Saint Lorenzo Ruiz

Saint Lorenzo Ruiz is the Patron Saint of the Philippines

Born in Manila to a Filipino mother and a Chinese father, Saint Lorenzo was an alter boy and was educated by Dominican Friars.

He grew up, working as a calligrapher for the Dominicans, married, and fathered two sons and a daughter.
He was accused of a murder and sought asylum on a ship with three Dominican priests. He did not realize until they were underway, that the Dominicans were on a dangerous mission to Japan. At this time the Shogun was actively persecuting Christians.


When they landed, all were immediately thrown into prison where they remained for two years. They were then sent to Nagasaki Japan, to be tried by torture such as bamboo splinters under the fingers and waterboarding. They were found guilty of being Christian, and were hung upside down inside a pit of garbage until death.

During the torture, he was offered his life if he would recant his faith. ¬†Saint Lorenzo’s last words are reported to be ” Had I a thousand lives , all these to him I should offer”.

Saint Lorenzo was a full member of the Co fraternity of the Holy Rosary